Contact me any time. I'll respond as soon as possible. Thank You!

I want you to build something custom for me. How do we make that happen?

Begin by looking through my gallery of past projects. If you like my style and materials, reach out to to me using whatever form of communication you like. This page lays out the steps we'll go through to build your custom furniture.

Do you have in-stock items for sale?

I have a small number of items for sale that I have already built. These were not custom orders. Rather, they are pieces I've built to showcase my work at an art show or demonstrate to customers my range of work. I also have some smaller items that I build in batches for the sake of efficiency. You can find in-stock items here.

What is your return policy?

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If products are damaged in the shipping process you can return them to me and I will make it right. Depending on the damage, I'll either repair or rebuild. Because you have specifically requested I build something for you, and I have thus invested a great deal of time and expertise in building your project- items cannot be returned for refunds.

Do you ship and/or deliver?

I'll either deliver or ship depending on the project and how far you are from Laramie, Wyoming. I can figure out how to ship most anywhere. Delivery and shipping costs will vary, and will be charged to the customer.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! You get friendly and knowledgeable customer service directly from the one and only employee of Henningsen Woodshop- John Henningsen.