About My Logo

Henningsen Woodshop has a new name and with a new name came a new logo.

I wanted to share the thought process around my new logo. It’s important to me that my logo reflects my philosophy and what makes my work unique. At a glance my logo looks like a plain block of wood. But there’s a story in the details just as there is in the wood that I use to create my pieces.

In creating my new logo, I wanted it to reflect the originality of the pieces I build. I build exclusively from my own, one-of-a-kind designs. I do not imitate other people’s work. I did not want my logo to imitate other woodworkers.

I chose the block shape because like a sculptor beginning with a block of clay, my block of wood has unlimited potential. I have infinite ideas for the things I want to build. A block of wood can become anything.

In what I build, I seek out challenging materials that allow the natural wildness in wood to show through. I don’t avoid defects like knots; rather, I incorporate them into my work. This is why my logo includes the natural character found in a block of wood.

Finally, I wanted my logo to reinforce the modern feel of my work. While the work I do involves many complicated steps, the end result showcases beauty in simplicity. I strive to build sleek, modern pieces for modern spaces.